As I Wind My Dusty Bobbin (Okay, I’m back to playing my Sedona TOT challenge...)

As I Wind My Dusty Bobbin

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    Okay, I’m back to playing my Sedona TOT challenge & I’m going to give you one big update on all of the families (now there are just 3 households because the Grenadine’s moved in with the Johnson’s). Here we go:

    Week 4: All of the Families

        Tien Tso Amin died of starvation right before his twin brother and sister were born (Micha & Sadira). The oldest Amin boy, Idi, married Angelica Ramaswami & now she’s with child. Finally, Nautoiu Amin, the head of the household, died in an accident with scissors.

        Ariadne Grenadine was pregnant with the late Matthew Johnson’s baby, but she had a miscarriage. Selene Grenadine and Maurice Ramaswami started going steady. And Thomas Grenadine grew into adulthood and he looks just like his father. He’ll have to wait for someone to grow up in order to find a spouse.

        Everything was calm in the Ramaswami household other than Angelica getting married. Madeline grew into childhood and Samson grew into teenagedom.

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